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Sarah's Story:

The first step was the toughest...  But after I got moving it seemed to get a little easier...  Until it didn't, and it actually got harder.

They said this was going to be fun, but at 6am in the cold spring morning all alone on a dark street with nothing but the Moon light to keep me company, I wondered what was I doing!

I thought to myself (and maybe I said it out loud) "What am I doing?  Why am I out here?  Was this really what I wanted to be doing?"

Every step seemed really hard, like REALLY hard...  :/

I had agreed to do this 5k with all my friends...  But I had never run a 5k in my life!  NEVER!

So here I was just 4 weeks before race day and The only thing keeping me moving forward was the promise that my friend Cindy kept saying over and over that when I crossed the finish line of this 5k my life would never feel the same again..

You see I have always wanted to run, I just seemed to always come up with every excuse in the book NOT to run.  And then this 5k came around...  and all friends were so excited to do it!  Don't get me wrong, I was excited too...  But I was also a little scared... And on that early morning training run (let me honest, it was probably more walking than running) I was wondering if I could really pull this off.

But I had committed to my friends and I wasn't going to be the one who backed out!  So I didn't!  I never quit!  I kept training that morning and everyday leading up the BIG DAY!

I won't bore you with all the details, but when I showed up that early Saturday morning the air felt completely electric!  I could hear music playing from the stage when we got out of the car, and EVERYONE was so happy!  LIKE EVERYONE!  it was all smiles!  I was officially hooked!  I loved it!  And I hadn't even started the run yet!

We showed up the the starting line, the MC was amazing, playing games and making me feel completely ready...  and then BOOM, the flags went down and we were off!  

To be totally honest I had so much fun on the run that most of it just blended together...  All I know is that there were these color stations every so often and each one gave me a new sense of accomplishment!  Until, I could finally see it!  The Finish line was just ahead!  It was the weirdest thing, It was like my body was like re-charged somehow... Like it was fresh and ready to run for a month straight!!!

As I crossed the finish line, it it slightly tough to explain the feeling.  Yeah my body was tired for sure... But somehow It was like I had just forgotten about that.  I had done it!!  I did it!!  The girl who was self proclaimed "Not a runner" had just completed her first 5k!  We joined the celebration at the finish line and I just soaked it all in...  It was amazing, I never even knew that I could feel like this!

Later that night when I was getting dinner ready for the kids I realized I would never be the old Sarah again.  I set out to do this...  and I did it!!  

I completed a 5k!

And it hit me.  I am a runner, and yes, this Color Me Rad 5k was my first 5k, but it definitely would not be my last!

Sarah M.