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Jun 28, 2014

Canada Olympic Park

88 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary, AB

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about color me rad

If you're allergic to the metric system, corn starch, or unbridled joy, you'd probably be more comfortable watching Matlock than at the starting blocks of this color-filled 5k. 

But if you're itching for a great time and not from a bad case of diaper rash, Color Me Rad is the run for you.

By intelligent design or evolution, man was meant to run for one thing and one thing only: to stay alive. Pamplona was the first real race organized for what running should be: running from stuff that's going to kill, gore, or maim you.

Luckily, we've evolved to where we only hunt for attractive potential mates, we only gather for extreme couponing, and we only run to benefit charities and our cardiovascular system.

So quit lollygagging and join us for the race that's been ruining all other 5Ks since 2012 at Color Me Rad.

Color Me Rad: gluten-free running since 2012 (all previous years were full of gluten).

packet pick-up info

Packet Pick-up details will be available 2 weeks prior to the race date. It is important to pick up your packets (race bib, t-shirt, sunglasses, tattoo) prior to race morning because lines can get a little out of control and you don't want to miss your wave time do you? Do you?

Race Info Docs

Race Day Info Packets will be posted 2 weeks before the race with tons of info on parking, color partying, and how to clean the color out of your most sensitive areas.


Photos will be available a few days
after the race.



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Get it Cheap$40.001/6/2014
Early Bird Registration$45.004/4/2014
Late Registration$50.006/27/2014


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Volunteer Wait List

Fill out the form below to join the Volunteer Wait List. We will contact you when you can register as a member of the Color Bomb Squad.

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*Typically volunteer shifts run on the Thur, Fri, and Sat of race week. Volunteers must be 16 or older.

Charity Partner

WinSport Academy

The WinSport Academy has more than 400 athletes between our Mountain, Cycling and Skating divisions. WinSport Academy, formerly known as the COP club teams, established itself as a leading community of professionals dedicated to athlete development and performance.

The Mountain Division consists of Freestyle and Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding. Our Academy Performance A & B Teams train year-round, competing across Canada, United States and even Europe earning ranking points in AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals), TTR (World Snowboard Tour) and FIS (International Ski Federation). The Mountain Division clubs offers two streams; competitive and recreational, where young athletes can develop their skills and passion for skiing and snowboarding.

The Cycling Division was new to the Academy in the 2013 season with our Downhill Mountain Biking teams, offering 10-12 week long programs for athletes looking for a structured program aimed at progression. Due to interest and development of downhill mountain biking, the B team started a year-round program, including dryland services provided by the Canadian Sport Institute-Calgary in November 2012. These athletes compete provincially and nationally on the BC Cup circuit.

Our goals are to inspire athletes to value and respect sport, training, coaches and competitions, to earn life skills through sport and to develop well rounded athletes. We work heavily with each national sport organization to fill in the gaps and growing demands of each discipline.

KidSport Alberta


We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

We do this by:

·         Raising funds to provide sport opportunities for kids facing financial barriers.

·         Promoting the KidSport mission to other community agencies with a view to creating strategic alliances to support sport participation and physical activity opportunities for kids.

·         Advocating the importance of all kids having access to sport programs and advocate the value and benefit of kids playing sport in the pursuit of lifelong health and wellness.

We believe that through participation in organized sport activities, kids learn the values of:

·         Co-operation

·         Team play and friendship

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