Top 10 Reasons to Run: #10

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10. BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE – running equals freedom. The more time you spend running, the better you feel about running. Nothing can catch you. Except maybe your neighbor’s dog.  And when you run RAD, not only are you unstoppable, but so is the fun.

Effortless Acai Bowls

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We’re not 100% sure how to pronounce acai, but we’re 100% sure we love the taste of it.  The benefits of acai berry are booming, and trust us when we say there’s a reason people call it a “super food”.   We love eating our acai in bowl form, cause it’s easy, delicious, and tastes like a tropical getaway in our mouths. Below is our favorite acai bowl recipe, but here’s the great thing about acai bowls, exact measurements are not required! Add a little more or less of any of the below and your bowl will still taste delicious.


Ingredients in blender:

-7 ounce Acai frozen packets (these can be ordered off the internet or found in the frozen section at most grocery stores)

-1 cup orange juice/apple juice/soy milk/coconut milk

- 2 banana (frozen or fresh)

-2 cup frozen strawberries (or any combination of frozen fruit)


Top with:

-Shredded coconut

-Granola (our favorite is all natural Nova granola, which can be purchased here)


-Drizzle of honey

-Sliced banana or strawberry or both


*Calories will vary on how you prepare your bowl, but there’s an average of about 100 calories in the above mentioned acai serving size


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What To Expect From Your First 5K

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Making the decision to run your first 5K could be your first step to a total fitness

overhaul. It could be the end of a long-term fitness goal. Or the start of a serious

relationship with running. Here’s our list of helpful hints to make the bet of your

first 5K!


-You don’t have to run the whole 3.1 miles. Just because it’s a 5K run, don’t feel

pressure to keep up a running pace the entire time. Add some walking to your run

and you’re still gonna get over the finish line with your head held high.


- Rest; don’t run the day before your 5K. Give your muscles a break before you push

your limits. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated during all 3.1 miles.


-Drink plenty of fluids and eat something light the morning of your run.


-During the run, start at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel pressure

from other runners to quicken your pace from what you feel comfortable with. It’s

your 5K so take it at your own speed and time.


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