Gluten Free Waffles

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There’s a lot of buzz going around about gluten free eating and a healthy lifestyle.  Of course, eating gluten-free makes sense for anyone with Celiac Disease or a significant sensitivity to gluten. But for the majority of us who are not bothered by gluten, are there real benefits to the diet overhaul? Most of the foods you consume on a gluten-free diet may help promote healthy weight loss, especially if you eat a well-balanced diet that contains essential protein, carbohydrates, and fat. This almond oat waffle recipe is a delicious and great way to dip your toe in the gluten free waters.

Almond Oat Waffles 

Blend the below ingredients together

1/3 cup almonds
1 1/2 cup old fashioned oats* 
2 1/4 cup water
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
packet of stevia
1/2 banana

Pour on hot waffle iron and let cook for 5 mins. 
Slice the rest of the banana on top and drizzle with honey

*If you want to truly eat gluten free, use oats labeled “Certified Gluten Free Oats”

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Top Ten Reasons to Run: #4

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Forgot to switch the laundry? Didn’t finish your homework? Haven’t changed your oil in 20,000 miles? Who cares? You ran today, so you can check that off the list and feel great about your day. Everything else can wait. Here’s what you accomplished by running today:

-Burned 100’s of calories. The amount of calories you burn during a run depends on numerous factors, the most important being your weight and level of exertion, but it’s about 100 calories a mile and you burned it with your run.

-Managed your stress. When you decided to run today you put on rose colored glasses, every problem seems less stressful when you’ve run.

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4 Reasons We Love Tutus

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The tutu isn’t just for ballerinas anymore. Once seen strictly on center stage, you’re now just as likely to see this graceful skirt cross a finish line at a foot race. Soft layers, lots of bounce, and just enough sass to make an impression, the tutu is part of the RAD running revolution. Here are 4 reasons why we love the tutu.

1.) It’s comfortable.

There’s nothing restrictive about a tutu. It moves with you, creating its own dance with each step.

2.) You get to play dress up.

Remember when you were 4 years old and you had an entire box dedicated to nothing but dress-up clothes? Grandma’s hand-me-downs, a few pairs of heels, and some plastic purses were always tossed to the side for a pretty tutu, a crown, or a long wig. Running at Color Me Rad is the perfect opportunity to let loose and pull your favorite dress-up item, the tutu, out of the box.

3.) It makes people smile.

In a world of dark spandex, the tutu is a bright spot amongst runners. Give it a try. Layer a tutu on top of whatever you’re wearing and see how many frowns turn upside down. There is some kind of whimsy in all those layers. Plus, the pictures you take in tutus are #srslysocute

4.) It’s fun.

Very few clothing items are classified as “fun.” Pants? Boring. Shirts? Yawn. But the tutu screams fun. In fact, runners wearing tutus are oftenscreaming, “This is fun!” louder than anyone else. Tutus equal fun. It might not be a mathematical fact, but it probably should be.

Rock a tutu at the next Color Me Rad and use the hashtags #colormerad #radtutus

True Blue

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Our color preferences are part of a map to further understanding our personality. According to psychology of color your color personality is defined by your favorite color, so if your favorite color is blue you have blue color personality. This doesn’t mean that you will exhibit all characteristics of blue personality color, but you are more likely to find yourself here than in any other color. What does the preferring the color blue really say about you? You are faithful, but are often worriers.  You’re soothing, compassionate and caring. Blue lovers bring great gifts of quality, service, and our generally loyal, sincere and thoughtful. 

The Mini Color Blaster

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I think it’s time you say hello to our little friend. We bottled our RAD and made it perfect to hold in the palm of your hand and blast every colorless thing in sight. We’re the one and only 5K to have the infamous color blasters. All you need to do it shake it up, and you’ve got a pint-size party. Right when you thought we couldn’t get any radder, we started making our blasters in an absolutely adorable miniature size; or fun-size if you please. Grab these blasters for your fun 5K and take some home; with our mini color blasters, the party never has to stop! Ready to feel the power of this personal rad maker? Register here!

How to Stay Motivated

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Hey we get it, you start out with a goal in mind and nothing’s gonna stop you from achieving it. But, before you know it time comes and goes and nothing changes. Don’t bury your shamed head in the sand, cause we’ve been there and haven’t done that more times than we can count. We have found some ways to keep ourselves motivated, and we’re sharing them below.

1. Get the Help You Need

It’s been said before, “it takes a village”, and that sentiment can be very true for helping you stay motivated. If you have a goal to lose 50 pounds, it can be hard to keep motivated all on your lonesome.  There’s professionals to help you reach your weight lose goals, and the extra team members can keep you on track.

2. Visualize a Big Picture

You will never accomplish anything without first having a “low moment”. It’s during these moments that you have to keep a big picture in mind! Visualize yourself reaching your goal and day dream your way through those tough times.

3.  Buy Yourself a Push Present

Keep in mind a gift you want to earn and then earn it! We’re not above buying our favorite dress in the size we’re working towards. Nothing feels sweeter than when that baby fits.

4. Celebrate Your Success

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and you may as well make the end of that tunnel a huge party to celebrate your hard earned success. If you’re looking for a way to glory in your accomplishments we can promise you the party of your lifetime. Come get RAD with us, so we can be a part of your triumph!


Mellow Yellow

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The color yellow loves a challenge, particularly a mental challenge. It is the color that resonates with the logical side of the brain stimulating our mental powers and creating new mental abilities.  Surround yourself with yellow before a brain storm  because yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. If yellow is your favorite color you analyze everything and are very methodical in your thinking. We’ll give you a decision to make that’s easy, sign up and get your RAD on.


Top Ten Reasons to Run: #5

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Running alone is pretty great, but you know what’s even better? Running with friends. And the only thing better than running with friends, is running for free because you invited your friends! Now you can get a free Color Me Rad 5K registration just by doing all your friends a huge favor, inviting them to get RAD with you. Don’t spend any more time training solo, get a bestie out there to improve your PT.

Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

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There are some many easy ways to burn 100 calories. Bet you didn’t even realize you were burning that many calories while doing these every day activities.

Carrying an infant: 24 minutes

Mowing the lawn: 20 minutes

Cleaning, moderate effort: 26 minutes

Cardio dance class: 15 minutes

Cooking: 34 minutes

Doing dishes: 40 minutes

Dancing around living room: 20 minutes

Mopping the floor: 20 minutes

Walking stairs: 11 minutes

Playing with children: 23 minutes

Pushing a stroller: 35 minutes

Rearranging furniture: 14 minutes

Shopping: 38 minutes

And when you complete a Color Me Rad you’ll burn around 310 calories. We promise to make all 3.1 miles so fun, you won’t even notice you’re working out.  Register here and start your calorie crushing training.

How to Celebrate Your Finish Line Succes

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Crossing the finish line feels as satisfying as knowing all the right answers on any given Jeopardy round; there really is no other feeling like it in the world.  Here are the top 5 things you should plan on doing immediately following the finish line.

-Do a Little Dance

When you complete a run, you deserve to express through jerky rhythmic movements just how good it feels. We get inspiration for our finish-line moves every time we watch a touchdown dance; pick out your favorite here:


-Hug Your Finish Line Friends

These could be your friends waiting for you at the finish line or the new friends you just made getting to the finish line. Share your enthusiasm and put your arms around someone, or high-five if sweaty hugs aren’t your thing.


-Eat Whatever You Desire

You just burned roughly a 100-calories-per-mile run, so if you’ve been denying yourself that ice cream cone, now’s your chance to enjoy it guilt-free.


-Buy Yourself a Finish Line Gift

You just accomplished a feat of mental and physical strength so treat yo’ self! We plan on grabbing these Nike Flyknits after our next finish line to keep us motivated with our running regime.

-Grab a Nap

You know you want it, and better yet, you know you deserve it.