Keep Moving With Push Up’s

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The seasons are changing and it’s time to say “Hello” to our old friend fall. While we love jacket whether, it can be hard to keep your workouts going into the cooler seasons. We wanted an indoor way (no cold weather excuses here) to challenge our daily fitness, so we started the 30 day push up challenge, and you should too!



Here’s 3 easy tips from Tess to produce push up perfection!

-Maintain a straight line with your body from the top of your head to your heals.
-Shoulders should line up directly over your hands.
-Engage your core and squeeze your glutes throughout the whole movement.
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Solve a Problem with a Smoothie

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Pictured above are our go-to smoothie mixes for anything life can throw at you. Feeling tired? We got a perfect smoothie for that. Optimize your workout with smoothies. We’re not saying a smoothie is going to solve all of your life problems, but we have found through experience that smoothies are a great and easy way to start living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We call these smoothies “problem solving” because not only do they address specialized problems, but the basic smoothie recipe alone can improve the quality of your life.



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3 Ways to Improve Your Running Form

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RunningForm-02 (1)

Running seems pretty simple. Put one foot in front of the other. Quickly. But when you want to maximize your effort and minimize injuries, you need to have good form. Whether you’re running your first 5K or you’re a seasoned marathoner; practicing good running form will keep you running RAD long term. Try these three tips to improve your form:


1.)  STAY RELAXED – Many of the issues with running form, including tight shoulders and balled-up fists, occur when fatigue sets in and muscles tighten up.  To keep yourself relaxed shake out your arms and think about releasing the tension in your hands, forearms, and shoulders. Not only will your form improve, but you’ll also make it look like running is easy.

2.)  WORK ON YOUR LEAN – For years runners have debated the “foot strike,” or where the foot makes contact with the ground. Opinions are varied, but most running coaches agree that foot placement and overall form is improved by leaning from your ankles. “There are many factors that contribute to good running form; one of which is utilizing a proper lean from the ankle,” says running coach Lora from “Many runners concern themselves with foot strike, but often manipulating the lean can fix heel strike issues.” Think about running tall and having a slight lean forward from the ankles. The rest of your body will follow.

3.)  MAKE SOME ANGLES – Right angles, that is. If you’re a mathematician, or even just a geometry enthusiast, you know that 90 degrees is where it’s at. It’s also where you should keep your arms when you’re running. Swing your arms from your shoulders and not the elbow. Keep your hands low by your waist, and you’ll be swinging the “right” way into good running form.

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