RAD Since Forever

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Friends for over 30 years, Becca and her 5 best friends first met in a girl scout troop as kindergarteners. From elementary school through college and now as grown ups with jobs and families of their own these friends have stayed in touch. Now living in 4 different states, they knew running Color Me Rad 5k was the perfect occasion to train, get together and make another 30 years worth of RAD memories.

Becca Krest Taylor

Birthday Celebration, Color Me Rad 5K Style

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At 57 years old Linda Moore Blake decided to get healthy so she started working out and lost 50 pounds. She then decided she wanted to start running so she signed up for a 5K.  Three years later with active choices and a handful of races under her belt, Linda wanted to celebrate her 60th birthday in style…Color Me Rad style that is.  She’s the perfect example that age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

LInda Moore

5K Fun Run With A Purpose

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After an IED explosion in Iraq in 2006, Bobby Lee Body has endured surgeries every year since then to try to repair his shoulder and left knee. But on September of this year his leg was amputated. With determination to get up no matter what, Bobby walked on a prosthetic leg just 7 weeks later on October 31.

Bobby Lee race

He continues to gain strength through tough physical therapy 3 times a day Monday through Friday at the Ann Arbor VA. Bobby is kind, fun loving and proud to have served his country so his wife Terri surprised him with a Color Me Rad 5K registration and we’re sure glad she did. Because now not only are his friends and family proud of him for his bravery in combat and his bravery in recovery, but now we all get to be proud.  Thanks Bobby.

Bobby Photo Booth